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I am a Angel In Heaven

I am a Angel In Heaven

I am A Fur Kid Rescue

I am A Fur Kid Rescue

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fur The Love Of Dogs

For The Love of Dogs <3  

For The Love of Dogs.. How Far Would you Go..For The Love Of Your Dog..
The Tails Told of Dogs Love For Humans... Waiting For years..sitting..waiting.For Their Humans To Return ...When They have Left for Heaven..

Their is No purer Love or unconditional Love Than That of a dog..
Whether Your Rich OR Poor, Fat Or Skinny, Pretty Or Plain...

YOU can Always Count ON your Dogs Love. They will never abandon You,They will Never Divorce You..They will never Take Your Money & Run... Because a dog is pure in Heart..
They Have no thoughts of Material Goods..No Thoughts of Revenge, or Harming You..

A Dogs Love is The Purest Love you will Ever experience in Life... If You Have never had a dog? Your Missing out on One Of Lifes Greatest Joys... Your Missing out on Living Life to it's fullest..and You who have never had a Dog will Never Know TRUE LOVE!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Winter Blues For Furbabys


Do furbabys get Winter~Blues???

Yes THEY Do!

So if you have sleepy -weepy pets.. Know That pets get the winter Blues. staying Indoors more, Less exercise to!
Take more time to try to play indoors or maybe a car ride or even Time at a Park for some snow fun!